Tagging is one of the primary means of fundraising for the Squadron. The funds raised through tagging fund activities and purchases that are not paid for by the Department of National Defence such as funding for a March Break Trip, purchase of band equipment, funding for additional activities, and more.

Tagging Guidelines and Tips

  • Always have your health card, water and money on your person
  • Be polite; say ‘Thank you’ to everyone who donates and ‘Have a nice day’ or any other proper
    greeting regardless if they donate
  • Make sure to ask EVERYONE
  • The general phrase when asking:
    “ Excuse me Sir/Ma’am, would you like to help support the [Royal Canadian] Air Cadets?”
  • Any amount is accepted
  • Do not ask people who are on their phones or occupied with tasks
  • Station cadets equally among the entrances and exits
  • Do not act inappropriately (ex. Bus stopping, leaning) as you are representing our squadron
  • Do not solicit from a store you were not stationed at, as we need a permit for each location
  • Only solicit from people who are leaving or entering the store; not cars driving by or people
    walking past the store
  • Do not continuously badger employees
  • If the store has an area between the store and the entrance, you may tag there if it is raining
  • If your box is too full to put any more money in, or you have no more tags, call HQ to bring you a
    new box and tags
  • If someone in a car asks you to walk up to the car to get a donation, say no and politely explain
    that they must come to you for safety reasons
  • If someone tries to take your tag box, let them take it and immediately report to HQ
  • Always travel together with a senior cadet, do not send one cadet off alone
  • Do not leave boxes unattended
Arrival and leaving
  • If you are tagging in an AM shift, do not leave until the PM shift has arrived to replace you
  • Do not wait around in the last 10 minutes for your ride to arrive; you still have time to tag. This
    money goes back to the squadron, so the more you tag the more events we can organize
  • Anyone unable to attend suddenly are to notify their flight commanders ASAP to be excused
Lunch and breaks
  • Lunch breaks are only for those on a full day shift, and should last only 15-20 minutes
  • Breaks should be kept to a minimum and only for washroom or drinks
  • If there are four cadets or more, go in shifts for lunch so the location is not left unattended

In absolutely no circumstance should a cadet take out money from a box, or keep a donation of money for themselves.

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