Parent Volunteer

Volunteer: Parents

Ask anyone who has taken part as a cadet, adult volunteer or parent and you’ll know how special the organization is. It offers young people from all walks of life a chance to get active, learn new skills and make new friends in an inspirational and safe environment.

Parents are a key part in delivering this leadership training.


We encourage cadets to be self-sufficient and keep their uniform in good order themselves. However, parents are responsible for care of the uniform, which is issued on loan and valued at around $800, and making sure all issued items are returned at the end of their son or daughter’s time with us.

Beyond this, your responsibility is mainly for getting your son or daughter to the squadron promptly on training nights or for special events, picking them up promptly at the end of the training night or special event and supporting them as they progress.


The squadron itself is always actively looking for volunteers to assist in training and the day to day running of the squadron. Consider being a Civilian Volunteer.

Though partial funding for cadets is provided by the Air Cadet League of Canada and the Government of Canada through the Department of National Defence, the squadron must provide most of the required funding itself, primarily through the fundraising efforts of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) which needs parent volunteers. Consider being an SSC Member.

Extra help during training weekends or during special events, the running of the Squadron Canteen and other important support functions are provided by the Sponsoring Committee. Consider being a Sponsoring Committee volunteer.

The Benefits

Personal development as confident, disciplined and motivated young leaders is the aim of the Cadet program and it doesn’t interfere with school or home responsibilities. Each cadet takes an invaluable set of experiences and strong personal ethics with them when they leave cadets; things they can put to good use at university or in the career of their choosing.

Your support and involvement is a key part of their future.

Start the Volunteer Process

If you are interested being a Volunteer, a member of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee or the Parent Committee, talk to any of the staff or other volunteers during a training night. You can also contact the Squadron using the contact information on our Contact Us page.