Join Requirements

To be eligible for membership as a Cadet, an applicant must:

  • be a legal resident of Canada;*
  • provide proof of provincial health insurance coverage or equivalent;
  • be at least 12 years of age;
  • not have attained 19 years of age;
  • normally be in good physical condition, exceptions apply;
  • not belong to another corps or squadron; and
  • be acceptable to the Commanding Officer (CO) of the cadet corps or squadron.

Cadets is open to everyone ages 12-18. We do not discriminate; you are openly accepted no matter your background, ethnicity, gender or social class.

We strive to foster an equal opportunity and bullying-free environment for all. 132 Spitfire has a strict, zero-tolerance bullying policy in place which will see the immediate action against any perpetrator of harassing or bullying behaviour towards its members.

Please visit for more information regarding the enrollment process.

NOTE: A legal resident of Canada is a Canadian citizen, a landed immigrant, or, the dependant of a person who is lawfully resident in Canada on a temporary basis for the purpose of education or employment;

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New cadet enrollements are now CLOSED for the 2019-2020 training year