Uniform – Detailed Regulations

How to wear the additional pins, ribbons/medals and accoutrement that are authorized for cadet uniforms:

Cato 55-04 is the detailed document that identifies many of the things that are and are not allowed while wearing the cadet uniform.

  • Do you want to get a piercing?
  • Thinking about colouring your hair pink?
  • Planning to paint your nails?
  • Interested in carrying a sword on parade?

The answers to most of your questions are in CATO 55-04!

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Returning Cadets start on Sept 11th 2019 David Suzuki High School at 6:45 pm. Come in Summer Dress Uniform. and Bring your Health Card Bring a Parent of Guardian with you to sign the required documents. Also bring $150.00 for the annual Administration fee.

New cadet intake will be on Wed Sept 18 at 7:15 pm at David Suzuki High School 45 Daviselm Dr. Brampton. There will be also be a new cadet intake on |Wed. Oct. 16 and Wed. Nov. 20th at the same times and location. New Cadets and parents will be given an information presentation and then will be handed an enrollment package. There is also a $150.00 annual administration fee that is payable with your registration. A parent of guardian must attend with the new cadet for the registration Please bring the following with you. Your Health Card A copy of one of the following valid Canadian Passport, or Birth Certificate. or valid Canadian Resident Card or valid Canadian or Provincial ID (Health card is not acceptable for this)