Cadet Attendance

Here is an overview and procedure for notifying the Squadron if you will not be able to attend a Parade night or event you have committed to:

  • Cadets requesting to be excused, must send an email to (no other type of notification will be accepted).
  • Your email must include your Rank, your full name and reason you are not attending.
  • Cadets are recorded as “absent” if they do not attend Parade night or event they have previously committed to.
  • Absences can have a negative effect on a cadets training progression or selection for promotion, leadership positions, summer training positions or recreational trips.
  • Cadets are marked as “excused” when the reason for the absence is deemed legitimate.
  • If we feel the excuse is not valid we will ask you to see us on your return to discuss the reason.
  • If you do not send an email, you will be marked as “absent”.
  • Any email received less than 1/2 hour prior to the start of the event will not be accepted.
  • Cadets who repeatedly report their absence as “illness, family or school related” after the second instance may require further substantiation for their absence in order to be marked as “excused”.
  • Wednesday Parade Nights are considered Mandatory Training Activities. Cadets that fail to attend Wednesday Parade Nights regularly will not progress to the next training level in September.

Questions in regards to cadet attendance and requesting a leave of absence should be directed to your Flight Commander.

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