Our squadron attends two mandatory gliding days each year and occasionally has extra flying experiences throughout the year. Gliding days give cadets the opportunity to see our local gliding center in person and to take a ride in a glider with a qualified local pilot. In addition to this, our trained cadets pass on their aviation knowledge to the younger cadets on a weekly basis.

At the age of 14, interested cadets are able to attend our Flight School optional training. This training prepares our cadets for the admissions exam to the Royal Canadian Air Cadet glider and power scholarship courses that run throughout the summers. Cadets must be 16 years of age (glider) or 17 years of age (power), have competitive school grades, be recommended from staff members, and compete in a country wide selection process to qualify for these free pilot certification programs.



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New cadet enrollements are now CLOSED for the 2019-2020 training year