Here are some of our past graduates and their stories…

Officer Cadet Nar joined the Air Cadet program with 132 Spitfire in 2010. He continued with the program for 7 years until he retired as a cadet in 2017. Officer Cadet Nar attributes his growth and maturity to lessons taught within the cadet program. He highlights core values of discipline, responsibility, and time management. Officer Cadet Nar took advantage of the many offerings of 132 Spitfire Squadron such as, drill team, ground school, and gliding. Drill team was a highlight for Officer Cadet Nar because he found that it strengthened his sense of discipline, and physical and mental precision. Officer Cadet Nar’s favourite memory is when he went gliding for the first time and the pilot let him fly the glider for a little while. Ever since that moment he fell in love with flying. Officer Cadet Nar is currently in the process of applying to law enforcement agencies as well as overseeing the delivery of training to the Level 1 cadets at 132 Spitfire Squadron. 

Officer Cadet N. Nar, Former WO1 (2017)

Officer Cadet E. Joseph, Former WO2 (2016)

Officer Cadet Joseph joined the Air Cadet program with 132 Spitfire in 2009 and stayed until the age of 19. She retired as a cadet in 2016 as a Warrant Officer 2nd Class. Through cadets, Officer Cadet Joseph was given the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs offered by the 132 squadron. Some included drill team, flag party and effective speaking, debating, among many others. A highlight of Officer Cadet Josephs time with 132 Spitfire Squadron was going to Florida on a March break trip and visiting the Kennedy Space Center. She also found it rewarding to be able to be involved in the community while participating in annual parades such as the Brampton Santa Claus and Remembrance Day parades. Officer Cadet Joseph highly recommends the Air Cadet program to all youth interested in improving all aspects of character and skill acquisition, “It truly helps to you develop in a positive manner with like-minded individuals who have similar goals and aspirations.” Officer Cadet Joseph currently works for the City of Brampton as an Activities PROGRAMMER while overseeing the delivery of training to the Level 4 cadets at 132 Spitfire Squadron.

G. Anderson started cadets with 132 Spitfire Squadron in Brampton, Ontario. Throughout his 6 years as a cadet, he completed both Glider and Power Scholarships, and International Exchange to Germany. He won several awards including the Schweizer Award for Top Glider Pilot, and completed his final year as a cadet as the Chief Warrant Officer. After cadets, he enrolled as an officer and rose to the rank of Lieutenant serving as the Training Officer. has been with Air Canada for the past 18 years, and is a Training Captain on the Embraer 190 aircraft. He has an extensive flight instruction background having worked as the Chief Flying Instructor for Canadian Flight Academy, a Professor for Seneca College, and Flight Instructor and Check Pilot for Air Canada, and Air Canada Jazz. Prior to joining the airlines, he flew air ambulance to remote communities out of Dryden Ontario.

G. Anderson, Former WO1

C. Peddle, Former WO2 (2013)

C. Peddle is a “licensed private pilot” at age 17 after completing 45 hours of flight time under the Flying Scholarship program. “It’s like being in a dream,” said Peddle of flying. “It feels unreal. I am only 17, I can’t believe I am doing this on my own…” Earning her flying license was a life-long dream for the youngster who admits to being smitten by planes at 12 when her parents took her to see an air show.
The teenager’s climb within the Royal Canadian Air Cadets has been impressive. In six years, Peddle, a member of Brampton’s 132 Spitfire squadron, has managed to rise to the rank of warrant officer 2nd class. Someday, she hopes to become a snowbird. Part of Peddle’s six-week training involves her mastering theoretical aspects of navigation including meteorology, airmanship, aircrew survival, aerodrome structures and other heavy subjects.

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