Dress, Deportment And Uniform Standards
Dress, Deportment And Uniform Standards

Cadets are expected to present themselves in a manner that brings credit to their organization both in civilian clothes and in uniform. Until cadets receive their first uniform it is requested that cadets wear dress pants, dress shirt and tie. If this is not possible they should dress appropriately. Please discourage sweatpants, ripped jeans, sandals or hats.

Recruits will be called upon by the supply officer to be fitted for a uniform. If the correct sizes are in stock, then cadets will get their uniform right away. Otherwise uniforms are ordered. Senior Cadets will teach the junior cadets how to properly care for and wear the uniforms.

Your cadet is expected to care for and clean their uniform. As the cadet grows, if they require larger sizes, it is their responsibility, NOT the parents’, to contact the supply officer and advise the officer that the uniform is small and what needs replacement. The uniform will be exchanged for the correct size.

Uniforms are loaned to cadets at no cost by the Department of National Defense. All badges and uniform parts are provided. The cadet is expected to take good care of their uniform and to return it upon completion or quitting of cadets. Cadets may be responsible for lost or damaged uniform parts.

Senior cadets in leadership roles are expected to act with respect toward those they have the privilege of leading. They are expected to set a positive example, and to be a positive role model including their dress, deportment, and social behavior.

See CATO 55-04